Testimonials and Ovations!

"Tae Kwon Do has been a wonderful family activity. It has brought us

closer together. We are now a family of three black belts. A family that

trains together... stays together!"

--William T. Russell, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Attorney-at-Law


- • -


"A great place for a family to bond and learn a useful skill,
it promotes health and well being both spiritually and physically.
It has improved my children's academic performance
and they have learned self control. With Michigan's high obesity rate,
it is great to be a parent role model and
share the value of being physically fit."
--Dr. Mary Khunger, M.D., 1st Degree Black Belt, Pediatrician


- • -


"Tae Kwon Do is a discipline that makes us become a better person

with respect, honorability and humility of the spirit. The only way to

achieve success is to remain focused and TRAIN HARD."

-- Juan Perez, 3rd Degree Black Belt,
International & National Champion, Business Owner


- • -

"Both of our children have been training at Kil's Tae Kwon Do in
Brighton since the age of four. They have learned discipline, focus,
and dedication to this sport. Master Kil is dedicated to helping the children
excel in Tae Kwon Do. They also train regularly in sparring and have
competed in many competitions. The training that they receive from their
sparring coach, Juan Perez, is exceptional.
--Jim and Sheryl Timpa


- • -

"Master Yong Sup Kil ... You are Awarded this Certificate of Commendation

 for Significant Contribution to the Community by Promoting the Principles of

Physical and Mental Fitness through Tae Kwon Do."

-- Jennifer Granholm as Governor of the State of Michigan


- • -


"In recognition of your contribution and dedication to the development of

Tae Kwon Do as a universal sport, Master Yong Sup Kil is awarded this

Certificate of Commendation."

-- John Engler as Governor of the State of Michigan

- • -

"My 6 year old son Owen has only been attending Kil's for only a few months
and it has been a great experience
for us. His body awareness, self regulation,
and self control have come leaps and bounds. It has also helped him so much
with his self confidence
and he is having so much fun and is so fascinated by all
of it that he doesn't even realize all the great things besides tae kwon do he is
learning. I'm so glad we joined it's a great place and sport."

--Brandy Burelle, Mom