The curriculum developed for our centers by Grand Master Kil is a balance of traditional Tae Kwon Do forms, practical self defense, and Olympic Style sparring skills. Grand Master’s philosophy is that Tae Kwon Do is about self improvement as well as self defense.

Our instructors will empower you by helping you master self-defense and protection skills, including blocking, kicking, and striking techniques, as well as releases from a variety of grabs and holds.

  • Reduce stress, and
  • Help your anxiety attack.
  • Weight control / Loss.
  • Kick-out drugs.
  • Self Defense; Learn to defend your self on campus, in clubs or on the street.
  • Camaraderie and build new friendships.
  • Cardio exercise.
  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Explore NEW LEVEL of confidence.
  • Improve your college application by adding "BLACK BELT" achievement.